Event Recap: The Dos and Don'ts of Election Year Communication

Election years provide influential opportunities for organizations to advocate for policies and practices that improve the lives of children and families. Our partners the Alliance For Justice and Fenton Communications joined us to share strategies and approaches for successfully becoming a powerful communicator during an election year, including: 

  • Understanding the legal rules that govern nonpartisan organizations’ activities during an election
  • Being strategic about which issues to elevate that can be connected to local, state or national elections
  • Implementing key tactics that enable grantees to break through the noise and get the attention of candidates and community members

During election years, it is critical that the voices of nonprofit and community leaders are prominent. Their knowledge and expertise can help ensure that the needs and issues facing children and families drive the discourse during the election cycle, and provide a springboard to holding candidates accountable to supporting communities if they are elected. Moreover, given the level of media and public attention that occurs during presidential elections, nonprofit organizations can use the moment to attract greater visibility for the issues they care about and build momentum toward future policy and advocacy successes. 

Learn how to leverage an election year in legal and nonpartisan ways by exploring these resources::

Creating an Election Communication Strategy

In our webinar, we shared this handy resource outlining all the things you need to communicate during an election year–  from selecting the issues to identifying your audience to choosing the tactics.

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